Easy Form
Easy ODK Form building services
Standard widgets: Yes
Widget 'list-group table': No
Widget 'compact image selector': No
Max number of widgets: 40
Logic complexity: Easy
External data source: No
Repeat group: No
Cascading repeat group: No
Complex form
Long ODK Form building services
Standard widgets: Yes
Widget 'list-group table': Yes
Widget 'compact image selector': Yes
Max number of widgets: No limit
Logic complexity: Complex
External data source: Yes
Repeat group: Upto 3
Cascading repeat group: Upto 1

Requesting a form-building:

Please fill up the contact-form with correct email address and phone number.

Zip all files that you wish to send as the input for the form-building. This may include the previous Q’re in soft form/scanned. Please write down you instructions in the message section or include a separate DOC or TXT file named "instructions" with your detailed instruction set.

It is a good idea to include a preferred data-structure sheet especially in case you are looking for forms with repeat-groups or cascading-repeat-groups.

For forms with more than 3 repeat-groups or more than 1 cascading-repeat-groups, we will evaluate the complexity of the form and quote a pricing on the merit of the form.

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